National Geographic

Producers Portal

I led the design of Nat Geo’s Internal tool ‘Producers Portal’ over a two week sprint in March 2015. I was responsible for the user experience across the entire platform from concept to development.

The Challenge

"Create a space for Producers of Nat Geo’s licenced content to manage all of their projects while on set."

Following the success of my work on Fox’s Co-Pilot, I was asked back by FOX to create another re-imagination of one of their internal tools, Producers’ Portal.

The Idea

Nat Geo licences many different production companies to create original content for its TV Channel. Producers Portal is a space where these companies can gather together and manage their projects, whilst Executives at Nat Geo can watch over what’s in development and see how their new programming output is turning out.

The Approach

There were two main users of the site:

The Product

Hello, Producers Portal

Producers Portal is a space for creative producers and Nat Geo Execs to learn about, manage & track Nat Geo TV's upcoming output.

Feature: Task Management

As well as an aggregator for TV shows in production, Producers Portal was also a piece of task management software for those that needed it. We created a simple Kanban style board for all users, so that you could add, track and manage tasks within Producers Portal.

Feature: Wiki

TV productions all come with a set of documents that need to be filled in every day on set, off set or wherever they are based. I had to create a space for all of these assets to live, and I had to make it easy for people to download / upload new documents.

I tackled this by making each TV show like a page on a Wiki, with a left hand navigation that would list all of the relevant sections of production, whilst keeping the navigation in plain sight at all times.

Desktop First

Producers Portal was one of the only projects I’ve done in recent years that was a Desktop only experience. With producers always opting to carry around laptops to get their tasks done, we did away with mobile or tablet experiences in favour of a Desktop only site. This meant that our scope was kept specifically to one viewport, and made our relatively short sprint time of 3 weeks much more manageable.


Mobile Increases Scope - Significantly

Having a Desktop only experience was incredibly useful for this project. When creating kanban style task management flows it would have been harder for me to make a real impact in the short space of time that I had on this project had I needed to replicate the experience for tablets and smartphones

User Flows are Important

With multiple stakeholder groups, it’s important to understand which user will want to be presented with which piece of information above all else. I managed to find a happy medium in creating a space where Producers could do their job effectively, and FOX Exec’s could see that work was underway and progress was being made.

Final Words

Ultimately, Producers Portal was a successful project and one I greatly enjoyed being a part of, it was an honour to be just a small part of the companies long and prestigious history.